Road, Traffic Law Issues

Bangladesh has a comprehensive Road Transport Act, which governs the country’s road traffic laws. The law aims to ensure the safety of road users and reduce the substantial number of accidents on the roads.

The Road Transport Act imposes strict penalties for traffic violations, including fines, license suspension, and imprisonment. The law requires all drivers to have a valid license, vehicle registration, and insurance coverage. It also sets out rules for driving speed, overtaking, signaling, and road safety.

The law also mandates that all vehicles must undergo regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they are roadworthy. Drivers are required to follow traffic signals and signs, wear seat belts, and refrain from using mobile phones while driving.

In recent years, Bangladesh has taken steps to improve road safety, including the implementation of automated traffic control systems, stricter enforcement of traffic laws, and education campaigns aimed at raising awareness of road safety.

However, despite these efforts, road accidents remain a significant problem in Bangladesh. To address this issue, there is a need for continued investment in road infrastructure, better enforcement of traffic laws, and greater public education on road safety.

As a law firm, our services related to Road & Traffic Law include legal representation and advice for clients involved in road traffic accidents, violations of traffic laws, insurance claims, and other related issues. Our lawyers are specialized in handling cases involving personal injury claims, pain, sufferings and loss of amenities (PSLA) property damage, grievous injury and wrongful death resulting from road accidents.

We provide legal guidance to commercial entities, including transportation companies, logistics firms, and fleet operators, on compliance with road traffic laws and regulations. This may include advising on licensing, registration, insurance, and safety requirements for their vehicles and drivers and to them when he/she is in the driving seat other than drivers.

In addition, we offer legal support for individuals and businesses facing charges for traffic offenses, such as over speeding, reckless driving, and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Our lawyers represent clients in court and negotiate plea bargains or to reduce charges, where possible.

Overall, we can help clients navigate the complex legal landscape surrounding road transport and ensure that they receive fair treatment and representation in legal proceedings.

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